Treehouse Bed

We are happy to present a new product in our offer. The unique bed, thanks to a large sleeping area, will provide an ideal place for sleep and rest. The extraordinary shape of a treehouse will turn them into a great place for many hours of fun. Robust, built-in construction guarantees safe use. The use of skylight and windows will provide sufficient light for comfortable use. The ability to mount a ladder from any direction allows the free arrangement of the bed in the room. The bed is available in 2 versions: 1) In the first version, you can use it like a traditional bunk bed. Mattresses are arranged respectively at the bottom and at the top of the bed. 2) The second version is with one mattress, placed on the top of the bed, and the bottom surface has been changed to a play area. For this version in place of the second mattress and the rack, the set includes two chairs and a table. The universal form will make the bed perfect for both girls and boys. Any possibility of mounting the ladder, as well as the optional bed forms, ensures optimum use of the room surface.